in with the old {cities} / by Kayci Detweiler

Every time I hear someone say “St Augustine” I think of the song St Augustine by Band of Horses…{feel free to listen below while you read this post}

I didn’t know anything about the city before visiting, but I’m ready to go back already! There’s so much history and cool things going on in this area. Did you know it’s the oldest city in the US? Because I didn’t!

But, the best part about being in St Augustine was that we got to meet up with this lovely lady! Thanks for coming all the way from Sarasota, Laur…it was so much fun!! 

Tuesday was even Laura’s birthday, so we got to celebrate a little bit with a mini vacation.

We had our final beach day of the trip {gasp!}, took a tour of the St Augustine Distillery, checked out the Spanish fort, and sampled a few different restaurants in the area. A great couple days well spent.

After reluctantly saying goodbye to Laura {and StAugustine} we headed north to Savannah! 

Talk about history, Savannah is another area that is just filled with those beautiful historic parts of town. It’s also filled with live oak trees draped in Spanish moss. SO amazing. We got to see a few drives that were lined with the trees and it creates an effect that can’t really be conveyed in photos. At least not mine. 

With our very limited time in town we decided not to take the city tour {which is why I don’t know any cool facts, unfortunately} and instead took our own tour which mostly consisted of interesting shops on Broughton street, and walking through many of the “squares” that Savannah is built around.

I tried to sit on the same bench as Forest Gump, but wasn’t sure which one it was.

We also drove down the most beautiful street in North America {according to Southern Living}, which really was quite beautiful, but I don’t know if it was the best one I’ve ever been down.

If only we had more time… 

Coming soon: Asheville, North Carolina!