frolicking in the fall by Kayci Detweiler

I have a confession to make: I am weary.

After a couple months of traveling, I suppose this is to be expected, but I didn't want to admit it! Whew. I am, as a result, going to be a bit lazy on the blogging this time. 

I will tell you that we've had a wonderful, FULL, week of beautiful weather and leaves in the south. First in Asheville, NC, and then in Blacksburg and Harrisonburg, VA. I do love Virginia in the fall. It's quite magical. 

In Asheville we had the pleasure of staying with wonderful hosts who spoiled us rotten, walked around their Crafters Fair {which is not as good as Shipshewana's :)}, explored downtown shops, tried Carolina BBQ, and enjoyed the beauty of the mountains. It was a glorious day. 


Blacksburg is home to lovely friends and their many pets. We made friends with puppies and kittens alike {mostly.} We went on a 8 mile hike on the Appalachian Trail and ate family style Southern cookin'. A good time was had by all. 


In Harrisonburg we encountered a slight problem with the lights on our dashboard {the speedometer, etc are all digital}...mainly that they weren't lighting up! After taking it to a dealer we discovered good news: that it was under extended warranty... and bad news: that we had to give up the car for several days. 

But never fear, the Burg is the best place this could have happened to us. We had a place to stay, friends to visit, food to eat, and fall weather to enjoy. Not bad, for car trouble. 


We're on our last leg now and back on the road again today! Definitely do-able. Finish strong!